1UP' s most wanted PlayStation 3 games for 2007

With that new-system smell still hanging in the air, 2007 is shaping up to be one of those great years for gaming, the kind that only come around once a decade or so. There are so many great-looking games on the horizon that it's a bit overwhelming, actually. So 1up pored through literally hundreds of games to pull out 10 of the most exciting titles for each system.

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Violater4278d ago

Heavenly sword isn't on the list

NoUseMerc4277d ago

I totally agree. I cant believe Heavenly Sword isn't on their list.

Not to mention this is a total rip on what PSU did about a month ago:'s Most Anticipated PS3 Games of 2007:

DJ4278d ago

"Though the focus has changed from a single player experience into a multiplayer one, the game's spirit seems to remain. If they can effectively balance the air and ground combat (by no means a certainty at this point) this has the potential to be an instant online classic."

Confirms the focus on online multiplayer, not the "download only" aspect (which wouldn't make too much sense in the first place). 32-player dogfights sound pretty sweet too.

happygamer4277d ago

heavenly sword would be one of mine though.

Covenant4277d ago

Army of Two * Assassin's Creed * Devil May Cry 4 * GTA IV * Lair * Mercenaries 2 * MGS4 * Motorstorm * Stranglehold * Warhawk *

Impressive list, although at least a few of these are coming to the 360, and a few others are rumored to be. Compare it to 360's forthcoming games like Forza 2, BioShock, Too Human, Mass Effect, and, of course, Halo 3, and you see that it's a good year to be a gamer. Notice, though, what's missing: No Gran Turismo or FFXIII, and no mention of Heavenly Sword.

deathtok4277d ago

Not that I'm against getting an XBox 360 because I eventually will but Microsoft is continuing a boring trend again. It seems their focus is on racing games and first-person shooters. Both are a dime a dozen.

If you're looking at a few exclusives like DMC4, Lair, MGS4, FF XIII and Heavenly Sword well I'm sorry but I'll take a PS3.

Xi4277d ago

I would have to disagree with you deathtok.
Fable, Forza, Banjo threeie, project sylpheed, blue dragon and lost odyssey, to call the 360 continuing a boring trend of nothing but fps and racers is be close minded.

deathtok4277d ago


To be fair I did say focus and not "nothing but" and to name Forza doesn't help your argument. Games like Project Sylpheed, Lost Odyssey, and Blue Dragon are intriguing, so no I'm not being closed minded.

I was commenting more on Covenant's selection of titles. I didn't give the system a fair shake though.

NoUseMerc4277d ago

I can't believe they put Stranglehold and WarHawk on there... I mean, if you are going to pick and put multi-platform titles on there then at least put something good.

How about Unreal 3, Heavenly Sword, Dark Sector, ect

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