CNET--Ten things I hate about the PS3

"This is a column I've hesitated to write. Not because I revere Sony or anything like that. But I was afraid I'd sort of overdone the whole 10-things-I-hate concept, having already knocked out three of them--for the PSP, the Xbox 360, and HD DVD. However, in response to my last column, which covered my conspiracy against HD DVD, several readers requested--or, in some cases, demanded--that the PS3 get the hate treatment. And so, by popular demand, I've capitulated."

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Chagy4432d ago

well he should just do a 10 Things I Hate About Everything!!!!!!!!

big_tim4432d ago (Edited 4432d ago )

He has done other articles.

What I like about his articles is that he is down to earth and realistic. I agree with all of them. Now he can add the BC issue to the list. Most of these items will get addressed in time just as the 360's have. (Although I am still awaiting BC on the 360. I have a hand full of titles that don't work on it.) Eventually they get ironed out. I hope that they come sooner rather than later.

I find his other articles interesting. Read the 360 one and notice that Sony did correct most of those with their system. The one that they both have in common is no must have games at launch. The color one I don't agree with, but the cost of accessories I really agree with. But again very realistic and down to earth gripes.

ReconHope4432d ago

really need to stop approving these stories with old opinions that we've been hearing since day 1. I guess you guys just like arguing or something.

BIadestarX4432d ago

It seems there are lots of things Sony needs to fix. I hope they do before Final Fantasy or Metal Gear comes out. I'm buying a PS3 for only those 2 reasons... but I would like an excuse to keep it after I beat those 2 games.

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The story is too old to be commented.