Kotaku: Killzone 2 Impressions

Kotaku writes:

"Yes, impressions. Not the review.

We decided to hold off on our formal review until we can play the Playstation 3 game online under more typical conditions. Instead I've written up some of my initial thoughts from playing through the entire single-player campaign on the average difficulty setting.

It's easy when playing a game in an over-saturated genre, like first-person shooters, to judge the title not by what it is, but by what it isn't. Games like Halo 3 and Gears of War 2 both suffer from that same problem."

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LSDARBY3640d ago

Graphics too clean lol....what does he mean by that. This is one of the grittiest looking games ive ever seen.

xwabbit3640d ago

lol kotakus a joke, they don't even get the game cus Publishers know they r all fan boys and nub journalist

3640d ago
MAR-TYR-DOM3640d ago

i dont know about killzone 2 but this is the pinnacle of gaming right here, and deserves a ten.

LoVeRSaMa3640d ago


*Rubs eyes*

gosh I am sleeping, how could I get so tired from just clicking a link.

*Looks at clock*

Tony P3640d ago

It was actually an overwhelmingly positive 'impression' for anyone who cared to read it.

Of course the official review will decide if Kotaku's actually gonna be fair or just blackball the game altogether.

Sitdown3640d ago

How can you say you don't know what "too clean" is...but then turn around and try to refute it by saying the game is one of the grittiest that you have ever seen. I actually can understand what they mean by too clean. Most of the time when I see a scene in a video game that looks too clean, it usually is in the level where you are inside or around some steel or metal structure. The surrounding just seem to have this extra gloss and polish to it...the environment seems chrome. I feel like most fps I have played have this look in it....I remember it in Resistance. Its like you see a steel beam...but it does not really look like it has texture to the surface. Another example would be Master Chief from times his armor looks to clean...overly polished.

SupaPlaya3640d ago

He's is making a statement. It'a not question of what "too clean" means, it's a question of how a game he had personally experienced as the grittiest game can be called "too clean".

From what I seen from KZ2's videos and even some cons from reviews, Killzone 2 definitely isn't "too clean". However, the preview does get a few things right.

DeadIIIRed3639d ago

Too clean? I'm with LSDARBY, I have no clue what they mean by "too clean." If that guy considers Killzone 2 "too clean" I would love to see how "clean" his home is. Other than that, shockingly positive tone.

Maddens Raiders3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )


nuff said.

SL1M DADDY3639d ago


"We have yet to actually get a review copy from Sony due to our pathetic journalism skills and the fact that Sony has blacklisted us from any perks so... We are going to have to wait until we can purchase the game ourselves and play it online with all of you. At that time we will give the game an unfair look and score it with the likes of Barbie's Adventure and that My Little Pony game."

- Cheers

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chidori6663640d ago (Edited 3640d ago )

*********kotaku is fails in hard life***********

IcarusOne3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

This is a fair assessment of the game. You guys are looking for reviews on majesty, divinity, perfection, which, despite how good KZ2 may be, it's still JUST A GAME.

It's refreshing to see some media outlets treating it as such.

Seriously, the only way you guys wouldn't be b*tching is if it scores perfect 10's across the board.

And yes, the fact that this game doesn't have co-op is a HUGE oversight.

xg-ei8ht3640d ago

Abit to clean for my liking,ROFL.

Here we go again.

Doesn't have co-op.

Doesn't Look like a cartoon (halo3)

Doesn't Have look rez textures (Gears of War 2)

Doesn't Make me feel loved.

Doesn't allow me to run around like a nub without being shot at.

Afterburn3640d ago

I refuse to give these idiots a hit. The game is going to be fantastic and everyone knows it. Let the haters hate, their tears are like 20 year old scotch to me. :)
Pre-ordered, day 1 buy and I took off from work to play it all weekend.

REPLOID243640d ago

that is just classic! lol!

DutyCalls3640d ago

i'm only here to read the comments, since i know where crataku stands.

Hot_tea3640d ago

Still nearly a whole month to wait! :(

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