Motherboards: NVDIA Stereoscopic 3D Vision Gaming Review

Motherboards writes: "Gaming has always been a passion of mine and I have played every type and variation of game out there, be it board, PC, console or D&D with my friends in high school. I have also dabbled a bit in the 3D gaming arena with the I73D monitor and it was very cool, but not quite ready for prime time. 3D, this is a term we have been hearing since the 1960's when cheesy paper glasses and mildly applicable 3D was introduced in movies and made things appear to be moving in your direction. In reality this entire concept is rather old, but technology is starting to catch up with the ideals of 3D and making it a viable application in the gaming world. The paper glasses have been replaced with some new cool plastic goggles and NVIDIA has incorporated the 3D aspect of gaming in these new goggles and their own drivers."

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