Guests announced for the ScrewAttack Gaming Convention

The crew over at ScrewAttack recently unveiled a handful of confirmed guests for their upcoming convention that takes place over July 4th weekend in Dallas, Texas. Among the announced are Destructoid, the gaming site which has collaborated with ScrewAttack's own daily "Hard News" program, Rey Jimenez the Associate Producer of "Super Street Fighter 2 Turbo HD Remix", and ScrewAttack's own "Angry Video Game Nerd."

If you're interested in attending, ScrewAttack urges you to preregister before February 28th for $30, because after that date the prices will jump to $40. You can do so over at They also have an incentive program for referring others attendees, offering prizes from swag to free admission. Additionally, swanky Westin hotel rooms are available for reservation under the event price of $99. That's a $50+ value.

Stuttering Craig vs. Rey Jimenez in Street Fighter 2 would be epic.

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