Motherboards: ATI TV Wonder Combo PCI Express Card Review

Motherboards writes: "With the Digital TV switchover occurring in the next few months, February 2009 to be exact, people are either buying a new HDTV or buying a converter box to play SDTV on their older TV sets. The Digital TV switchover has already begun with many stations broadcasting in High Definition and it is unlikely that you'll see a TV with less than 720p for the foreseeable future.

ATI has been making video cards for over 30 years now. They are considered one of the leaders in visual computing technology. One of their big pushes over the years has been bringing the Television to the computer. They have a three step strategy to bring TV to the PC. 1ST they have television sets with ATI tuners built in. 2ND they have TV tuners that are installed into a PC to turn the computer into a TV. The third step is their All-In-Wonder series. Today I'm reviewing the TV Wonder 650 Combo PCI Express card."

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