Depressed Turn to MMO's

BeefJack writes, "While the global economic apocalypse has most of us either watching our backs at work or flinging ourselves out the windows of where we used to work, online game developers in Asia are seeing a new source of revenue: the unemployed.

It makes sense, actually. When you aren't working, you have a lot more time on your hands. And why spend it updating your C.V. when you could just as easily get in a guild raid or sixteen? You know, do something productive..."

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INehalemEXI3549d ago

"With a surplus of free time and an eye toward stretching the entertainment dollar, obsessive, unemployed MMO fans might start turning on to the huge number of online games being churned out by Asian developers."

Nah most will just play WoW.

LeGenDx3549d ago

never really got into it. and i played alot of mmos flyff, ragnarok, WOW, etc. if WOW was free i'd play it again ... for the third time

zagibu3548d ago

MMORPGs create an illusion of achievement and progress, which is probably comforting people who lost their job.