Motherboards: XFX MB-X58I-CH19 Motherboard Review

Motherboards writes: "XFX is a division of Pine Technology which is a company based in Korea. XFX is best known as a kickass manufacturer of NVIDIA video cards and motherboards. With the economic slowdown and many major companies and banks going under, however, XFX started to look at other options for their video chips and motherboard chipsets. This has culminated in the release of ATI-based video cards and Intel-based motherboards.

With the recent announcement of XFX using ATI video chips in their video cards and Intel chipsets with their X58 motherboard, XFX has joined the "Big Leagues" with their product lineup. Previously, they exclusively used video cards and motherboard chips from NVIDIA which limited their market as the vast majority of users would like a choice and with the problems NVIDIA had with their notebook graphics chips (8600M), it is wiser for a company to diversify. Today's review is on the Intel X58-based motherboard the XFX MB-X58I-CH19 motherboard."

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