Mass Effect Update: One Disc, Multiple Forms of User Customization

First off, Hudson stated that Mass Effect will fit on one disc, but "just barely." Then he went on to talk about how players will be able to tweak the main character, Commander Shepherd (A.K.A. Jack Bauer in Space) to their liking -- gender, facial features, class, starting skills, and more will be determined not by the developers, but by the player.

Hudson also commented that while he and the development team "don't mind supporting" custom soundtracks, the game's soundtrack is a "huge original score," that will add to the ambiance.

Does barely fitting on a disc as of the moment mean it's possible that Mass Effect could be one of the first multi-disc games for the Xbox 360?

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D R Fz4303d ago

What do you guys think?

ElementX4303d ago

I'd buy it on one disc, or 10. I don't mind swapping.

popup4147d ago

...Except if in one mission it see you swap through 6,4,3,7,9,1,2,4,6,2,1 and 4 to complete :)

Chagy4303d ago

maybe they should of put it on the ps3 because they have blu-ray Disc lol jp

hmmm multiple disc? i dont care as long as its a good game

BIadestarX4303d ago

it's better to have a great game in 2 disk than to have a bad game in 1.

power of Green 4303d ago (Edited 4303d ago )

I think after MS releases the bigger hard-drive no one will care as folks purchase of larger future title's they will be party stored on HDD, advances in compression will help, either way we'll probably thank MS for the intial push of Downloadable content.

lets ask ourselfs why the new HDD for the 360 is so large. IPTV is dirrect feed from what i understand and yes the 360 will serve as a TIVo still the rumored 120 giger is massive.

power of Green 4303d ago

I was hoping it would be on two or more disc getting up to change discs in most genre's is no problem, the space worries are used by idiots to spite what they don't like.

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The story is too old to be commented.