Westwood Games co-founder launches Jet Set Games

Las Vegas-based Westwood Studios was responsible for the first RTS game ever made (in Dune II) and made its big mark by creating the Command and Conquer game franchise. Electronic Arts bought that series and then shut down Westwood to bring the franchise to their Los Angeles studios.

Some of the original Westwood team members stayed in Vegas to form Petroglyph Games (Star Wars: Empire at War; Universe at War: Earth Assault and the upcoming Mytheon). Now another Westwood Games co-founder, Brett Sperry, has helped to form yet another Las Vegas-based developer, Jet Set Games. He also has a number of former Westwood team members with him.

Unfortunately for PC gamers it looks like Jet Set is concentrating its development efforts (currently unrevealed) for console and iPhone platforms. Still it's nice to know that some of the folks behind the original C&C titles are back making games ..and who knows? They may decide they could return to the platform that got them famous in the first place.

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