TheBBPS Review: Fable ll


"But Fable's not about online play. It doesn't need to be. As a single player experience Fable II is brimming over with so much content that you'll never be at a loss for something to do. Covering it all in a review would require a phone book sized post, and yet it's hard to not mention all the things we've left out. The dog companion, the varied soundtrack with the occassional John Carpenter-esque moments, the demon doors and gargoyles. While you could probably bang through the single player campaign in 20 hours, Fable II is the first game since Oblivion to offer this much interactivity and choice for players. If you want to turn this into a 60 hour ride you'll have no problem doing so. I only hope we see a patch that redefines multiplayer down the road and a "Lost Chapters" style expansion pack sometime over the next year, because I'd love a reason to come back to it down the road."

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