PS3 vs. Wii vs. 360: Which Console Downloads Games Fastest?

MTV Multiplayer writes:

"We pitted the three major consoles against each other, to see which one can download games the most quickly. "Mega Man 9" - at least initially - was the guinea pig on our XBox 360s, Wiis and PS3s…

I've long suspected that my Nintendo Wii is a slowpoke.

All three of my consoles are connected to the same WiFi signal, one the emanates from my landlord's apartment a floor below mine (we split the bill). When I download games and demos, they always seem to take longest on the Wii.

This past weekend, I convinced Patrick and Tracey here to help me test my theory."

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PS360WII3571d ago

Interesting to say the least. Even with these numbers I cry foul. First because everyones internet speeds are different and second it takes forever for me to download anything off PSN :(

Doppy3571d ago

PSN downloads are super fast if you wait a couple of days to download it. If you try to get it along with everyone else the speed goes DOWN, while the 360 stays ruffly the same. When I had a Wii it did take forever to download something and I got sick of looking at Mario hitting the blocks.

3571d ago
chaosatom3571d ago

I love ps3 and large demos to download :)

JsonHenry3571d ago

Lol, for me, the PSN seems to DL a little slower when comparing file sizes similar to one on LIVE. But NONE of the consoles are guilty of DLing anything fast compared to my PC.

Tempist3571d ago

I've had it take longer to install things than to download them. PSN uses some tricky system to get the max out of wireless downloading / DSL.

PoSTedUP3571d ago

some of my friends it takes them a long time to DL demos, i DL them within the matter of minutes. my DL speed is about 15000kbps. for the psn i think it all depends if you have a sony network by u.

RememberThe3573571d ago

They throttle back bittorrent downloads... Bastards...

Plus I think I have a NAT issue with Vuse and my router that I really don't feel like fixing. So now it's going to take like a week to download the first season of Heroes...

For me the PS3 is lightning fast.

SaiyanFury3571d ago

PSN downloads work fine for me if I'm not downloading when something new comes out that everyone has to have. That includes new firmware. I can download a GB in about 3-4 hours, but based on my limited 1.5mbps internet connection, I don't fault the PSN. It's obviously my internet connection's limited bandwidth banging it's head on my 150KB/s download ceiling. The PSN is plenty fast for me.

SL1M DADDY3571d ago

Super fast. That's not saying that I have any troubles with the Live ones or the PC DL's but for anybody that says their DL's on the PS3 are slow, perhaps your connection or network is not up to snuff?

callahan093571d ago

I've always had great experiences downloading from PSN with only one exception: Qore. Every month on the day Qore comes out, it takes forever to download it. But for the most part, the PSN is just as fast as Xbox Live on my connection.

Also, of note is the fact that the PS3 versions here include installation time, not just download time. So if you were downloading things that didn't require installation, like video, music, movie, or theme content, then you'd see that the connection speeds are significantly faster than represented here. If you are only counting the actual time it takes to download the content, it's faster than represented here on PSN, because technically speaking the fact that you then have to wait for an installation to finish is a whole different animal, unrelated to the question of PSN's servers & download connections for the users.

MasFlowKiller3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

the 360 no question about it, does 50 bucks don't all go to communication features, the ps3 infrastructure is not as good as that of a companies that knows so much networking, but i find less lag on my ps3 games(example COD4 and Resistance 2) but that just the way both system setup the matches

thats_just_prime3571d ago

THe PSN and XBL seem to have close to the same download speeds for most things. However when downlaoding games you have to install them to your ps3 so while it take close to the same time and maybe even slightly faster then XBL to download them you end up waiting alot longer to play the game then you do on the 360. Another place the 360 is extremely fast is with its update. Most of the update take less then a min the NXE took about 2mins. Updates on the ps3 cane take up to a half hour. So over all I'd say that XBL is faster.

callahan093571d ago

Not sure what you're trying to say, there, MasFlowKiller.

I find the PSN to have just as stable of a connection, just as fast download speeds, and perfectly lag-free multiplayer in the biggest games (Warhawk & Resistance 2). Xbox Live has some nice features, but when it comes to actual connection, speed, latency, stability, I don't think it's as good as it should be considering you're paying the premium, and it's coming from Microsoft.

I just got a new laptop and made the rounds over at getting all my essential software (Visual Studio 2008 Express and XNA Game Studio 3.0 with all of the MSDN Library files). The total size of all that weighs in at about 4 gigabytes. The speed at which you can download that amount of content from for free is immensely better than any download speed of Xbox Live content.

Why is it that is so much faster, and they're not getting any money directly to support that infrastructure, but Xbox Live receives about half a billion dollars per year in subscription fees, and they can't establish with that revenue an infrastructure that's as stable and fast as

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JoshDargie3571d ago

I havent fully read this yet. but I dont think it will be to correct:

1) Different locations (distance from the server your downloading from)
2) ISP packages
3) ISP pocket tracking (if ports are slowed or not)

Thats just a small thing but can cause alot of problems. Any system could be fast if it was right next to the datacenter were the download came from etc.. But none the less cant wait to see what is said.

Why dis3571d ago

Time of day.

Day of the week.

Size of group using servers.

On and On and On.

RememberThe3573571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

But how do you keep getting bubbles?

@Below: Aw... A little touchy? It's OK you'll grow up soon enough.

Why dis3571d ago

How do you keep yours


InMyOpinion3571d ago

One would imagine your comment just killed the flamebait. But no. =)

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cmrbe3571d ago

Sony created the best media hub in the PS3. Even now after 2 years since owning one i am still finding out new things i can do with my PS3.

gogators3571d ago (Edited 3571d ago )

they really need a large sample size. You can't do any statistical analysis with a N of 2 or 3, thus you can only go as far as suggesting a potential trend. A conclusion here can not counter it's occurance by chance alone.

issa30323571d ago

WTH, I thought the PSN sucked and was the slowest cuz it's a free service?!? Isn't this why Microsoft charges money for membership?

jadenkorri3571d ago

all 360 users spend 24/7 dissing the psn network, its why people all think its slow, well its not, dling wise anyways, my ps3 downloads faster, but installs are a little lengthy, 360 dls and your done...Think of it this way, psn, ur most likly dling a zip, or rar type file that has to be unzipped and installed, where as live dls files needed, and thats that, after your dls done, ur playing, do i hate installs, getting quite annoyed with them but ohh well...

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