Resident Evil 5 Demo Sets New Download Record

Shacknews: "The Xbox 360 demo for Resident Evil 5 was downloaded 1.8 million times in the week following its January 26 release in Europe and North America, setting a new record.

In fact, the demo surpassed 1.3 million downloads in its first three days of availability, claims Microsoft, beating out the previous record holder, Star Wars: The Force Unleashed, the demo of which took eight days to reach a million Xbox Live downloads."

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killzone2flop3547d ago

I bet droids can't say the same for Killzone 2 Demo.

swiftshot933547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

obviously since it comes out on thursday...

Edit: too funny. Seriously im laughing as hard as anything right now LMAO. i got a disagree for stating a FACT. Its like disagreeing with the FACT that 2+2=4. LOL.

NegativeCreep4273547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

But by this upcoming Sunday we will.

Xbot Fa**ots come around and agree with that stupider-than-stupid comment from Killzone2flop (A.K.A. PP), then disagree with Swiftshot's comment. LOL! God you little weiners are getting desperate.

snoopgg3547d ago

We can play that resident evil 5 demo right now on the ps3 and the killzone 2 demo later this week. You can't say the same!!!!!!!!

trancefreak3547d ago

PP Killzone 2 will be the king of fps once that demo hits. Too bad xbox live will be quiet when you log on. Your friends will be sporting their new psn tags suker.

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Lord Xire3547d ago

And yet people say this won't be the biggest game Spring 09.

I got friends itching to get there tax refunds just to play this game.

Carbide73547d ago

It will also set a record for being disappointing.

And umm, yeah, why does everything seem to glow/ shine in this game? And I can't play it staring at Chris's monstrous arms, it's quite disturbing actually. I'd rather play through the whole thing with Sheva, but w/e I'm not getting this.

Ninja-Sama3547d ago

it controls like a truck.

nbsmatambo3547d ago

it seems like this game "might" be this years GTA 4

trancefreak3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

I just played the demo on psn and it frustrated the sh!t out of me. The idea seems cool but the controls are horribly last gen. The game seems way to slow for me and cant stand the movements the special control moves when prompted to do an uppercut.

Ill pass on this one. If i could maneuver like gears or uncharted the experience would be so much better.

Monty_The_Great3547d ago

so you mean it will sell 8 million copies combined? And get perfect scores and game of the year awards by multiple sites? Is that what you mean by the next GTA4? or are you just being a ridiculous fanboy trying to hate on what seems to be 2 great games? Gee, I wonder.

Danja3546d ago

well I wont jump on the RE:5 hating bandwagon im looking forward to this game been , looking forward to it...for over 2 years now so im not gonna just give up on the game just bcuz the control scheme resembles that of it;s last gen predecessor.

yeh we can't run and gun , which I think is dumb on Capcom's part ..

but my biggest gripe is they still haven't given us total control of the camera that was just down-right stupid of them , but if it's anything like RE:4 then im more than happy to play it

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aspergersyndrome3547d ago (Edited 3547d ago )

This is not good for Killzone 2. Not only will 360 owners buy RE5 by the millions; PS3 owners will too.

Larry Fine3547d ago

KZ2's online will be reason enough for PS3 owner to buy it. RE5 will be great though but it won;t effect KZ

gametheory3547d ago

You know, that great game whose demo broke records. Oh wait.

Don't forget the demo was garbage. The game still has a chance of redeeming itself, but judging by the demo....

Who knows, it might just be like Motorstorm. Garbage demo, great game. Or like Too Human... =)

BkaY3547d ago

honestly ..... i like the demo.... not very much but yeah....

im RE fan... but i miss zombies....

i was just thinking that if they remake all the RE.....ohhh myyy GOD!

RE2 and RE3 in RE5 graphics..... ORGASM


Mad_Rhetoric3547d ago

after the succuss of RE4, this is a no brainer

seraph7413547d ago

Resident Evil 4 WAS INTENSE. Played the Gamecube, PS2, and Wii version.

trancefreak3547d ago

Ya true even my kids were saying wtf dad you cant move or what.

This game really let me down. I mean its the controls. Capcom made lost planet so i trust they could do a good 3rd person shooter. oh well killzone is on my radar that game will all I need

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