ThinkPad W700 tops indie test of laptop color quality

Yahoo Tech writes, "Unless you're a digital artist or professional photographer, you probably don't give color accuracy much consideration. But if you've ever wondered why little Johnny looks a bit green when you're flipping through digital photos on your laptop, maybe you should. While the color accuracy of your LCD remains a topic largely of interest to the pros, digital photo expert Rob Galbraith found that even inexpensive laptops can have great color... and some of the sacred cows of the business may not be as sophisticated as you'd think.

Galbraith took four laptops -- two ThinkPads, including the new ultra-pricey W700, which includes an integrated color calibration system, a recent 15-inch Apple MacBook Pro, and a cheap Dell Insipiron Mini 9 -- and used a range of professional-grade color sampling and correction tools to measure how accurately colors were being displayed on the laptop screen. Galbraith also measured how well colors held up when the viewer wasn't front and center before the laptop, looking head-on at the display."

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