Left 4 Dead Spits Out Valentine Wishes

Aeropause writes: "We as gamers, are stuck when it comes time to give the gift of love during the valentine holiday season. How many times have you looked for a Street Fighter IV, or Bioshock card of love for your significant other. They are just not out there. So, an imaginitive gamer/artist by the name of Beavotron has posted some great Left 4 Dead themed Valentines cards for you to print. This one about the Smoker is pretty funny, but the Hunter is pretty funny as well."

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Dr Nightblade3546d ago

I need a patch & the DLC please!

Covenant3546d ago

Follow the link at Penny Arcade for all of them...they're freakin' HILARIOUS.

not impressed13546d ago

looks like someones a little upset