Then and Now: Resident Evil

Capcom's survival horror series has gone from an above-average Alone In the Dark clone in 1996 to a fully realized action/adventure series, culminating with 2005's Resident Evil 4. This March, it'll evolve again with Resident Evil 5. In this week's Then and Now, GameDaily looks at how much the franchise changed.

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BadboyCivic3597d ago

RE was OK,RE2 was great,RE3 nemesis was crap and RE4 was the best of them all.

Now as for RE5,its more of an evolution of RE4 than something completely original.just my opinion

Marcelles253597d ago

totally agree
on the other hand look at picture 18 then 19 that guy was taking his vitamins

farhsa20083597d ago

its ironic that the first resident evil game i played and loved was RE4 and am really looking forward to RE5 yet so many people who started off with the very first game are now abandoning it lol. I am glad i joined the party at number 4.

UnwanteDreamz3597d ago

I really enjoyed RE4 but I am one of those people who has drifted from the series to the point where I will not purchase this one at launch. I am sure it will be a great game but for fans of the older games it is a weird situation. The only way I can explain it is like this.

Playing new RE (when you are a fan of the old) games is like reconnecting with a long lost friend who has recently gone through a sex change. It all seems familiar but something is missing and very different. You still have fun together but it just isnt the same.

Kushan3597d ago

I really enjoyed 4, but 2 is still my favourite of them all. I could play that game with my eyes closed.
I kinda wish they'd re-release it for the DS like they did the first one, just so I'd have an excuse to play it again. Hell, I'd love a remake of it, but that'll never happen.

BadboyCivic3597d ago

i just hope the game is not all daytime,there is nothing like a good creepy night time setting.ive been playing first person shooters for some time now so anything that pops out at me in the daytime is sure to get killed.

Rayko3597d ago

First Resident evil game was one of the best games ever created, second one is on spot number 2nd. Third part was crap, code veronica was OK, RE4 was an action game and for me not Resident evil anymore. RE5 looks and plays like James Bond (I know, I just played the demo). So it is for me really sad to see Resident evil turning from a great horror and zombie game to a boring action game which we see plenty of today.

dylandurden3597d ago

"Above average" my ass.

The first Resident Evil was a fuc*ing masterpiece. RE 5, is not.

beavis4play3597d ago

RE2 was a classic as well.

i've just finished with the RE5 demo. messed with it for about an hour.........and it was a huuuuuuuuuuge disappointment. character models were good but enviroments were a joke. the controls? some of the worst i've ever used. and what's with the "pseudo zombies"? they run at you fast in the cut scene and then they move slow when they get close!!?? WTF!
capcom, bring back shinji mikami and "survival horror"......and make things right.
this new mess shouldn't even be allowed to go by the name RE.

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