GamesRadar: The Top 7... games that should've had co-op

GamesRadar writes: "Some games simply must have cooperative play. Gears of War, for example, was clearly designed with a co-op experience in mind – there are two main characters on the same mission with the same abilities with a strong personal bond. Blasting through the story with a friend lets you partake in that bond, which is a much more powerful experience than plain ol' deathmatch or CTF. Just think – would Contra, Final Fight or Bubble Bobble be half as memorable if they were only one player?"

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rucky3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

Releasing an article to mask your bias KZ2 review huh?

Tony P3639d ago

It's surely on the list but not even that high, weirdly.

I think the list is good and the article is informatively funny. I mean really, what kind of TMNT game doesn't have 4 player co-op? Or Golden Axe for that matter? These are egregious slips and deserve their spots high on the list.

IMO, every game can be enriched by a co-op environment. It's refreshing and fun not having to invite your friends into a game for the sole purpose of beating the sh*t out of them.

happyface3639d ago

not bias

kz2 should have had coop, gorilla are lazy devs, they have no excuse to not have it if cod gears and halo all have it

likedamaster3639d ago

Killzone 2-sensitive sonyfanboys = Win <--LOL

Unicron3639d ago

not bias

halo3 should have had better visuals, bungie are lazy devs, they have no excuse to not have it if cod gears and kz2 all have it

C wut I did thar?

GWAVE3639d ago

I'm puzzled that they would put an unreleased game on the list. To me, that just screams fanboyism, since it's obvious they had a lot of untrue and negative things to say about KZ2 leading up to their review.

CoD4 seemed to get a free pass without co-op, even though NOW it seems EVERY game simply MUST have it or it's a FAILURE. What about Bioshock? Why did THAT game get a free pass?

And it's not like there's no multiplayer. There's 32-player matches, which is double what most online FPSs are doing right now. Yet, that isn't even mentioned...

Blaze9293639d ago

Killzone 2 shouldve had co-op and everyone knows it. If not co-op at least split-screen. No split-screen? REALLY?

Anyway for me in no particular order:

-GTA4 Lost and Damned
-Killzone 2
-Prince of Persia
-Naruto the Broken Bond
-Call of Duty 4 (GOD YES)
-Ninja Gaiden 2

andyo133639d ago

considered co-op very seriously and compared the good and bad but the bad outweighed the good as it would of only harmed the experience

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Spike473639d ago

I think gamesradar's score was okay if you think about how they usually review.

Harryhit43639d ago

Do you mean retardedly?

killzone2flop3639d ago

1.killzone 2
2.killzone 2
3.killzone 2
4.killzone 2
5.killzone 2
6.killzone 2
7.killzone 2

rucky3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

How bout flopjo kazooie? Well not like it needed coop to help you see how much of a trash it is.

Aclay3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )


First of all, Killzone 2 did not flop.

Second of all, didn't you know that Banjoe Nuts and Bolts only sold 140K in the U.S. from the day it released until the first of this year? LOL.

likedamaster3639d ago

And N4G is your source? fail

Rich16313639d ago

I agree with Killzone 2 and Call of Duty 4. Oh, well Killzone 2 will kick arse anyway and I am sure KZ3 and Call of Duty 6 will have co-op. I don't see why they want GTA4 to have co-op though, it essentially is co-op when you play online- just not with the story. But you still play objectively with buddies and/or go around shooting people and blowing stuff up.

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