Sony: Number one incentive for PS3 is Games, Don't Worry about Blu-Ray

SCEA PR boss David Karraker has really gone against what other members of the team promote by stating that the main purchase driver for the PS3 is next generation games. He went as far as to say PS3 has always been about gaming. These comments come amidst fears that the new low price Blu-Ray player will have negative effects on the PS3.

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Maddens Raiders4437d ago

the month of March can't come fast enough.

weekapaugh4437d ago

Amen to that, easily getting at least 4 games in the next week.

GaMr-4437d ago

I was starting to get a little worried. That one of the biggest movie and electronic giants in the world were trying to push movies and electronics. ; )

Boink4437d ago

funny, their actions would seem to dictate otherwise...

PS360PCROCKS4437d ago

Thank you Thank you Sony for actually letting an intelligent person speak. That has to be the smartest quote out of Sony's headquarters in 2 years now. Now just show me the games in March and keep them coming afterwards.

the_bebop4437d ago

Once again however we will stil be waiting for those games till after march, even if we are getting a PS3 on the 23 of march some people are wating to pick up games like Lair, Hevanly Sword, FF XIII, FF VS XIII and Kingdom Hearts 3.

happygamer4437d ago

wow, sony is still king. they been getting all this negative news and all this other bull but its all comming around. i give my thumbs up to sony.

final fantasy dynasty warriors wwe smackdown god of war its all possible cause of your playstation brand. thank you thank you.

on the smackdown thing every wrestling game not smackdown sucked when smackdown came. if it wasnt for ps1 i dont think we would have gotten such a great wrestling franchise. every wrestling game attempted on all the other systems just doesnt seem right seems like smackdown belongs on ps3.

no offense to 360 users i just like ps so much better.

smackdown doesnt even seem right on 360 just seemed like something was missing.

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The story is too old to be commented.