Beware the black samurai and the Chinese army

Globe and Mail game columnist Chad Sapieha provides impressions on Fallout 3: Operation Anchorage (which he calls a linear, four-level FPS), and Afro Samurai (which he says is a very average and repetitive hack 'n' slash adventure). Regarding Operation Anchorage:

"....Long story short, I was dissatisfied. The whole thing lasts about three-and-a-half hours and plays like four levels from an average--and extremely linear--first-person shooter. Virtually all of Fallout 3's role-playing elements have been eliminated in the expansion; there is little dialogue, no levelling up, and no weapons or equipment to collect (save the modest rewards given once you've finished the simulation). What's more, it's much too easy. Limitless health and ammunition stations are bountiful, virtually eliminating all risk.

However, the thing that disappointed me most was that this expansion did nothing to expand the Fallout universe with which I've become so captivated. Fallout 3 already explained that the Chinese had invaded Alaska and that the Americans fought them off. This downloadable content offers no further insights to this episode in the game's history, settling instead to merely illustrate how the Americans battled back-strike that; how they planned to battle back (this is, after all, a training simulation)-the invaders. No additional information is provided on why the Chinese invaded in the first place, nor are we given any clues as to the war's geopolitical ramifications. It's just mindless action...."

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