Resolution: Diablo III preview

Resolution writes: " They say history repeats itself. Well, if that's true, then come the release of Diablo III I'll be sat at the PC with my eyes bleeding, suffering from exhaustion, hand fused to the mouse and listening to the birds singing outside the window as dawn begins to crack. Which is what happened when Blizzard released the insanely addictive Diablo II back in 2000. What is it with Blizzard and their addictive games, anyway? The Diablo series, Starcraft, Warcraft, World of Warcrack - sorry, Warcraft... It's like they discovered the recipe for electronic heroin, but refine it every few years to make it stronger and more powerful. If that's the case, then I'm going to start fearing for my life with Diablo III. It could kill me."

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Darkseider3598d ago

Now all Blizzard has to do is release it before 2011 and people might still give a damned. I remember a preview just like this from Blizzcon almost a full year ago and what's worse is that about 2 months ago Blizzard goes on the record saying, "They still haven't fleshed out all the character classes and aren't even done with the first chapter of the game." With Starcraft 2 looming and the patches that are going to be needed for it along with Blizzard's baby, WoW, I don't see this coming anytime soon at all.

Pennywise3598d ago

I hope you are dead wrong, but we all know they will not release it this year. I expect mid next year.