New details on Sensible Soccer for XBLA

Codemasters has announced it's set to bring Sensible World of Soccer to Xbox Live Arcade this summer, describing the decision as a "no-brainer".

Since the revelation that Sensible World of Soccer would grace both PC and Xbox Live Arcade, the UK developer has remained tantalisingly tight-lipped regarding the matter. However, in an update on the official SWOS forum, Nick Pili, director of casual gaming at Codemasters, has finally unveiled some more information on the Live Arcade version.

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TheMART4844d ago

Jees I want this game bad!!!

I played it so often on my Amiga 500, many hours of gaming fun on this one game. I still have my Amiga including the diskettes of many, many games and ofcourse Sensible Soccer... I will instantly buy this on the 360. Don't mind about the costs, I'll just buy it. Now gimme this one right now!

DC RID3R4844d ago

same here MART. My Amiga 500 saw PLENTY of sensible soccer action(those were the days). at the same time RAGE software released striker for the SNES, similar aftertouch control, but sensible, overall was the much better game.


Toolman4844d ago

This might be one arcade game i buy. I remember u could pull off wicked curl shots on the amiga version, good stuff. Summer seems so far off tho