SavePoints PSN Quick Review - Crash Commando

The Save Points writes:

"Before anything else, this game is awesome. Think Contra meets Unreal Tournament. If you want a quick adrenaline rush, look no further. So if you're wondering why Crash Commando is awesome, take a look after the jump!

This game came out the same day as Soldner-X. While that game at a first glanced looked more interesting, given my likings to shmups, I overlooked Crash Commando and thought it was just a Bionic Commando knockoff or something, using that game's momentum to make a few bucks. Oh boy was I wrong.

From what I was told, this game is a lot like Soldat on PC, so some of you might know that game and won't need to read much more into this review to know if they'll like this game or not. I personally never tried Soldat though, so I can't compare it directly."

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Pennywise3640d ago

Are there a lot of people playing this game?

meepmoopmeep3640d ago

quite a bit actually,

i'm not a big MP player but i have this game.
it's pretty fun once you get hold of the controls

and there are bots if no-one else is on or y ou don't have enough people