Sony taps veins for better biometrics

Sony has unveiled the next step in biometric security: a camera-based system that analyses veins in your fingers. The user first lays one side of their index finger down on a small pad, after which a series of LEDs shine infrared light onto it. A CMOS sensor sat on the other side of the finger then picks up light scattered off of the veins inside the user's finger.

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Sasanova3545d ago

im guessing these veins are all unique to 1 person just like the finger print and ear shape...hmm i guess u can copy a finger print or a eye scan, maybe even hand size and shape, but dam it, no way in hell to copy a finger full of blood

Kamikaze1353545d ago

If it scans the pattern of the veins visible through the outer layer of the skin, then it's very much possible to mimic it. I didn't read the article so I'm shooting this theory blindly.