Editorial: Halo Doesn't Need a "Killer" Writes:

"Killzone 2 has been billed by many journalists and fans as a "Halo Killer," a game that will finally put Bungie's reign of FPS supremacy on home consoles to rest. Killzone 2 is going to be an amazing game, but calling it a "Halo Killer" doesn't really do it justice. As far as we are concerned, Halo has been dead for quite some time, pushed out of the way by better and more successful titles."

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clinker3543d ago

Halo is Dead! Long Live Gears of War!

Shaka2K63543d ago

LMAO and this is news how ???

grays of war 1.5 sucked too short and everything else was broken.

Rise Of The Bad Guy3543d ago

This...I must...I must be dreaming;An HONEST Xbox fan?

meepmoopmeep3543d ago

lol, wow.

anyway, no need for any-killer

i just want a fun game that's worth my $60
the only thing i want it to kill is my time having a ball playing it.

fishd3543d ago

OMFGQTFBBQanofficialxboxsitesa idsomethingnegativeabouthalo!!! !!111111111111!!hjghkgfjhfghfdg hfdhd

BattleAxe3543d ago

Its true, CoD4 and CoD: WaW have both killed HALO.

SiLeNt KNighT3543d ago

The one and only game that killed the Halo hype was Halo 3. Killzone 2 is just in a class of it's own.

esonab3543d ago

How can it be "killed" if its still the most played game on xbl? Saying its been surpassed many times over is true in part, I can't think of any other game that lets you save videos of all of your games or has a map editor like forge (on a console, pc gaming's map creators blow this out of the water)or has constant support from the developer. Until I see a game that does any of these things h3 hasn't been killed. Instead I'd say Killzone 2 has set up an equal or arguably better fps franchise on the ps3 and that when the next halo game comes out (thinking more 4 than ODST) this conversation will be reversed

AAACE53543d ago

I always thought it was strange that a game that alot of people claimed was pure crap, that they would be looking for a killer to that game... Never made sense to me.

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Rise Of The Bad Guy3543d ago

Just saw someone exit Bestbuy with Windows Vista.

MegaMohsi3543d ago

Finally an xbox fan who actually thinks straight. Halo is a great series but you have to be a blind fanboy not to see that other fps's have surpassed it(COD4,KZ2,Crysis)

No FanS Land3543d ago

this will be nice to watch

*grabs popcorn and sits comfortably*

I honestly think that halo got enough attacked by CoD4 and gears1.

Maybe Killzone2 will be the finishing blow, but I doubt since the game is not even on the same console.

clinker3543d ago

I have an Xbox 360 and I love it, but my honest opinion is that Halo has always been overrated.

It was great for what it accomplished, but it never got its hooks into me deeper than a fun game to play with friends.

I think that's because I grew up on better FPS games like Battlefield 1942 for the PC

No FanS Land3543d ago

well I would gladly buy an xbox 360 and then play the original halo 4 player splitscreen. this one was epic.

vegnadragon3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

For years Killzone , the first game, was ridiculed for not being a halo killer and during all that time no one dared to come up with a article like that . Now Kz2 comes along and articles like this starts to pop up every now and then.

And to finish, i have YET to hear a site proclaiming Kz2 to be a halo killer. Because there is none. Stop saying that people is saying such thing, because they aren't, people like that keep reminding us is.

creeping judas3543d ago

Killzone was actually touted as the "halo killer", i think even on their box art it states so.

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