Apple market share continues to climb, Windows drops

They are not dramatic changes, but they are steady and heartening to the Apple universe of users and developers. The trend continues from December numbers, and for Apple, all the trends are good.

Rise Of The Bad Guy5357d ago

Hi,I'm a Pc.

...A Pc losing Marketshare.

yamamoto1145357d ago

Hi. I'm a PC. I will never lose marketshare until my rival stops flicking off gamers.

evrfighter5356d ago

Hi I'm a mac and I don't get spyware or viruses...

oh wait


I lied

SaiyanFury5356d ago

Windows Vista might lose marketshare, but with the positive reinforcement of Windows 7 that might change. Lord knows the beta has been good and many people agree. MS could do very well with Windows 7 provided they keep doing things right.

Raoh5357d ago

lol i just noticed that the playstation browser is in that list.

lol it at least beat SunOS

ALIEN5357d ago

Everybody is on the same boat.

Gambit075357d ago

This reminds me, I gotta go to an Apple store to complain again, their damn mighty mouse won't scroll down and there is no way to clean the dirt inside without breaking the damn thing, this is the second time I get fuked by this product.

Kyur4ThePain5357d ago

Just get a replacement generic USB mouse. When my first mighty mouse gave in, that's what I did.

TheExodus5357d ago

The Mighty Mouse ball is a little dirt magnet. I use a wash cloth & Windex to clean mine. I just dampen the wash cloth with Windex & roll ball around with it until clean. Mighty Mouse saved!

BulletToothtony5357d ago (Edited 5357d ago )

what you gotta do is grab a rag with some soft degreaser cleaner.. like the one under your kitchen sink..

obviously don't soak it but the rag has to be damped.. this usually help to clean it but it doesn't always do the trick.

If this doesn't work fold a piece of paper in half and put it on a hard surface.. Now with the mighty mouse UPSIDE DOWN roll it on the paper as if you were using a ball mouse.. put some pressure on it and go around in circles a few times.. and this should do it..

and try not to eat while brownsing.. which is exactly what i'm doing right now..

google it.. a lot of people recommended this and it worked for me

WiiJunkii5357d ago

Using a mouse that doesn't double as a bar of soap.

Gambit075356d ago

Thx for the tips everyone, the apple store guy told me a trick to clean it and it actually worked! OK, take a Dust off spray can, make sure it has the extension on, press & hold the scroll ball down and spray inside the mouse from the gap, after doing it a few times the scroll started working, but the mouse itself went all crazy for about 5 minutes, I'm guessing from the cold.

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LordoftheCritics4h ago

Two negatives should make a positive

Godmars29017m ago

Only true in math. In the real world its just two layers of s**t.


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