No Run-and-Gun in RE5 after all

Well after all the fuss going around about being able to run and shoot in upcoming action survival horror Resident Evil 5 seems to be a complete fabrication.

Official Xbox Magazine has claimed on their twitter;

"watching the RE5 OXM Report on Inside Xbox. No, you cannot run and shoot in RE5, despite what the Capcom guy said in the clip!"

Wait? I'm confused OXM & Capcom. Shouldn't the Capcom rep know what he is on about? Why was this information released on Inside Xbox by OXM in the first place? Who knows what they are talking about!!?

Next week, Console Monster has been invited to a swanky Resident Evil 5 event in London to test out the game. As soon as we have had a good hands on playthrough (and a cheeky peek into the control options) we shall let you know what is going on.

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Mr Fancy Pants3548d ago

Isn't this a well-known fact since the beginning?

atheistium3548d ago

It's because of the Capcom interview from inside Xbox saying that RE5 will have 'gears of war' style run and gun gameplay.

I am happy with the current controls but being able to walk while shooting would of been a nice change :)

atheistium3548d ago

2 people have told me now that there are no 'run and gun' control options in RE5.

d3l33t3548d ago

I saw in a video a long time ago the devs talking about 2 different control schemes. Did both of them make it to the final product, what are those control schemes, and what's for lunch is still undecided.

Jinxstar3548d ago

PSBlog talks about A and D types... I assume there is a B and C at least as well... They even say D allows Strafing...

Tony P3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

Confusing. I'm all for run & gun as long as it's done well.

But I also enjoyed RE4 in spite of it so this isn't a deal breaker.

hay3548d ago

Yup, no run&gun option, but boob locator works flawlessly.

Lifendz3548d ago

rather than feeling like a walking turret. I essentially can move only when I'm not shooting or using a weapon of any kind. Boooo.

At the least they could've implemented some sort of melee attack that I could use when I'm out of ammo (which is quite often) since the knife is practically useless.

I know it's a fine line between saying every game should be like Game A and that being anything but equals a failure. I'm not saying they had to make a DeadSpace clone. But I think they should've at least played it and accommodated those of us that would like to have some sort of mobility whilst killing zombies as opposed to standing still like a scarecrow.

Tsalagi3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

I thought the default controls "Option D" were the new and "improved" control scheme that was supposed to the GEOW rip off.

100% agree

callahan093548d ago

All I know is that this is a hard kick in the teeth to me. I hated the demo because of the lame controls, I DO NOT think that Resident Evil should be a co-op experience, I thought the enemies were really dumb (literally stupid in terms of A.I.), and the level designs/details/immersion in the environment was pretty weak for me. I liked Resident Evil 4 (at the time, it hasn't aged as well as some think, for me personally), and after I heard the rumor earlier today that RE5 was going to have run-and-gun controls, I got excited again, thinking that it would probably be worth my while, now, to check out the full game and see if it gets any better than the content of the demo (in terms of level design and enemy A.I.) ...

But now that it is confirmed that there's no run-and-gun, I feel let down again, and I'm sorry but I'll just have to wait until I can get this game really cheap, or rent it, because I can't justify the expense of a 60 dollar game when I didn't like the demo, regardless of the fact that (for some reason) this game is getting amazing reviews. For the record, I'm one of "those people" who was really let down by GTA IV. OK, happy gaming everybody, and to those who are getting Resident Evil 5, I sincerely hope you have fun with it.

burbulla3548d ago

I guess we will have to wait for it to be released.

JokesOnYou3548d ago

thats disapointing news I would love to be able to walk n' shoot. Oh well, still can't wait for this game.


Megaton3548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

That's so absurd. If anyone else had attempted to pass off controls like this in a current game, they'd be ridiculed to oblivion. I guarantee you Capcom's gonna get a pass for this from media outlets because it's Resident Evil.

I've seen a few people already start with the excuse; "It makes the game more tense and scary". No, it's an outdated and annoying control scheme that has no business being implemented in current games, plain and simple. Can't believe you still have to aim (with a separate button from gun aiming) before knife slashing too. Should be one button like every other game.

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lowestformofwit3548d ago

I'm glad. While I would have liked to be able to move while aiming it keeps the Resident Evil franchise in the hands of hardcore fans and sticks 2 fingers up to the 'run & gun' complainers...

Bnet3433548d ago

Finally! Someone who understands. N4G is full of cry babies. "Bu .. buh .. but I want to move and shoot... :(" WTF man, RE4 didn't have it and it's like the best game ever according to alot of people. People want it now? I used he RE4 scheme on the demo, I don't know bout everyone else.

dantesparda3548d ago

Came out for the SNES I could never like any of the other Castlevanias that came after it because of the way they controlled. Super Castlevania gave you way more freedom in control than the other Castlevanias (8-way whip control, etc.), I feel like this is the case with RE5, its just way to limiting for this day and age.

I loved RE4 for the GC! I think that it was one of the best games EVER for its time. But i really cannot stand the controls of RE5 because they just dont cut it anymore.

likeaboss3023548d ago (Edited 3548d ago )

It's not that everyone wants "run and gun". It's just that Dead Space has done it better. With even more action then RE4 (at least in the demo) the controls just don't hold up as well.

Can't the game improve in all areas? Not just graphics?

Rich16313548d ago

That sucks, I guess I won't be getting it then. I just can't stand the controls at all.

KingME3548d ago

After playing the demo, the control scheme (inability to move while aiming/shooting) is a definite deal breaker for me.

HammockGames3548d ago

I remember when I first picked up RE4 I hated the controls at first, but they grew on me and kinda' became second nature. At the least it was a helluva' improvement over the tank controls in Veronica (what sadistic [email protected]!k came up with that control mapping system?!).

But I don't know that I'll be as forgiving this time around. Like everyone else, I've probably been spoiled by games with superior shooting mechanics. Controls shouldn't be difficult just for the sake of being difficult - seems like kind of a cheap gimmick.

I'm downloading the demo now on PSN now. I'm willing to play it through a few times and maybe even play with the control options, but if it doesn't grow on me there's no way I'm buying the retail release.

whitefang19883548d ago

Its not getting Gears of war style walk n shoot
it takes any of the challenge and suspense of the old games had

I'm glad Capcom didnt faulter under all the complainers (who obviously didnt play the old games)

Go Capcom!

Gamer tag; WHITE FANG 1988

MegaMohsi3548d ago

The old games are exactly what they are, OLD! This is a new generation, you need new gen gameplay and if you can't walk/shoot/aim simultaneously, that is FAIL for me. Very disappointing if Capcom doesn't implement this.

Ashby_JC3548d ago

Why are you HAPPY that a feature that some gamers prefer MAY not be in the game??

If you prefer the OLD style then use that style. HAving the option to MOVE and SHOOT which I prefer (DEAD SPACE) is my preference.

You see...we can BOTH play the game and enjoy it all the same.

I WONT be getting this game if the STOP and shoot mechanic is my ONLY option.

And I am sure there are a number of ppl in the same boat as me. As a dev I am goin to give the gamer the option to play it like they want . Not FORCE them to play it ONE way.

But hey im not a DEV LOL!!

Tsalagi3548d ago

The old controls worked back when Resident evil games had slow shambling zombies but aren't as fun when you have a group of 15+ marathon 2000 "infected" people running at you from all sides and throwing axes/knives.

likedamaster3548d ago


I can see where you're coming from(not literally)but some do want that strafe and shoot that Gears has. It's not like you can walk/run like Gears because you can't, RE5 is much slower paced. It would be nice to have it included in the final code as an option at least.

The game is still great, I played the demo and absolutely loved the gameplay, the graphics were incredible(anyone notice the palm trees?).

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