UGO: Bayonetta Preview

UGO writes: "I ambled into a Sega demo of Platinum Games' Bayonetta last week fully expecting to be floored by all of the shiny, new action to complement what I last glimpsed at E3. It turns out I was half-right. Although just about everything I got to go eyes-on with was a rehash of what was shown at the summer trade show, I was floored nonetheless.

The game opens with a prologue set 500 years before the events of the main story. A celestial war is apparently raging during these early scenes, and Bayonetta is right in the thick of the action with her high caliber heels (that's bullets, not quality) and magical flowing hair. Hair that wraps tightly around her body in a very convincing one-piece. Until she unleashes some of that aforementioned magic that is, at which point bits of the suit peel away until there's nothing left but a few strips to cover her unmentionables. Mmmmm… unmentionables."

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