GP Q&A: What Peter Molyneux can't say about Fable 2

Peter Molyneux, legendary game creator and president of Lionhead Studios, recently spoke to Gamepro about the current state of Fable 2 and Xbox 360 development in general.

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Sexius Maximus4250d ago

I just wet myself with excitement over this game....again

Covenant4250d ago

Between this...and Halo 3...and Bioshock...and Mass Effect...and Too Human...and Forza 2...and Alan Wake...and Assassin's's a good time to have a 360.

HuntingYou4250d ago (Edited 4249d ago )

but fable was the first RPG that i have evr played, and i love it.
FABLE has been on of my faves, even though it was not everything they said it would be.
the thing is that since i was never into rpg's i did not know anything had been said till i played it and loved it, and started finding more about it.
I can't wait for the second one. i bet its everything the first one should have been and more...way more

EDIT: i just read it by going on gamepro...but yea it is working now...before it was not taking me there

eques judicii4249d ago

he mentioned something about being able to become more evil than the final boss. That is incredible I think. There really aren't any games where you can do that and actually have the story line change. Most of the time no matter how evil you act the main story line stays the same (oblivion?) This is something that I will be looking forward to.

He also seemed to imply that something really cool will be unveiled at GDC. Something about environments... so maybe we'll finally see some screenies

kornbeaner4249d ago

is great, i think he gets over excited at times and might over promise what one of his games can deliver, but over the course of playing all his game i have never been dissapointed to a point where i just don't want to play his games, they are just solid games that deserve to be played.