Loot Ninja Demo Impressions: Halo Wars

Loot Ninja writes:

"Microsoft sent over an early copy of the Halo Wars demo for Xbox 360 and I spent a good deal of time with it both over the weekend and this morning. Ensemble Studios used the Halo universe to bring RTS games to the masses. Based on what I've seen with the demo, they've definitely succeeded."

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Sasanova3545d ago

well considering it has halo in it, and its for 360...the game wont need to innovate anything. but yea, lets pretending halo wars is better then red alert 3 and endwar...

greyishfox3545d ago

Lets not pretend. Is Halo Wars looking better than Endwar & C&C3?

drunkpandas3545d ago

@greyishfox - I've only played the demo of EndWar and haven't played C&C3 on a console. I would say based on the two demos I've played, Halo Wars is more enjoyable than EndWar.

Sayai jin3545d ago

Have you played the game? Are you saying that it is not better than those games? No one here probably knows because it is not out yet.

On topic, I like RTS on CP not consoles, but this one is shaping pretty nicely. It will definately fit the bill for those who play RTS on consoles.

greyishfox3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Endwar focused less on controls and more on the voice gimmick, which was cool. I played and liked to combine the two use voice and controller at the same time... but the controls were still a bit much. Did the Halo Wars demo have any neat extra features like the voice control? Or did they just focus on clean play?

drunkpandas3545d ago

Nope, no voice controls or anything like that. It's a simple, clean, sleek control system.

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dubbalubagis3545d ago

I absolutely can not wait any longer for this game. I told myself I would wait for the official release and not play the demo in an attempt to fully experience the game. That may be more difficult than I initially thought.

drunkpandas3545d ago

Yeah I don't think you're going to be able to wait. I have a feeling this will be the biggest selling console RTS of all time.

fiercescuba3545d ago

From what I hear the controls are a lock. One of the biggest hurdles for RTS on a console is the inability to use mouse/keyboard. I hear they did a good job overcoming this hurdle.

taz80803545d ago

This is key, I have tried many RTS games on the consoles and they are all failures. You just lack the level of control that mouse and keyboard offer and the strategy.

drunkpandas3545d ago

@taz8080 - I think the LOTR RTS did a fairly good job at controls, but Halo Wars really takes it to the next level of simplifying everything for a console. EndWar went another direction with the voice controls, but Halo Wars really does a terrific job with the controller.

iiprotocolii3545d ago

from Ensemble studios, the developers of Age of Empires. They are known for making great games, so I'm not going to even try poking at Halo Wars until it's out. The game *looks* good and, so far, people are saying it plays well also. Can't wait for the thing to come out.... sad that Ensemble had their doors closed... such a great dev studio.

drunkpandas3545d ago

You're right, Ensemble knew how to make a sweet RTS game. Too bad they got shut down. A team at Microsoft is now supporting Halo Wars with some DLC and such.

taz80803545d ago

If this translates well to the 360 it would be ano brainer to port to the pc as well, Sony users would get no Halo wars action though

drunkpandas3545d ago

Yeah there's no reason Microsoft won't port this over to the PC if the sales are very strong, which I anticipate will be the case.

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