Former Employee Responds to Microsoft Spying Allegations

Miki Mullor, former Microsoft employee and CEO of Ancora Technologies Inc, has responded to allegations that he spied on the software giant in order to uncover evidence that the company stole his anti-piracy technology.

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Lord Anubis3545d ago

this kind of thing pisses me of. some people love to forget Microsoft stole DOS and renamed it MS-DOS. this isn't the first time they steal something and claimed it their own.

meepmoopmeep3545d ago

this news doesn't boggle me,
what does is that MSFT has been known to do this a lot
and people still defend them. o_O

warfed3545d ago

It pisses me off when people read something on the internet and pass it on as a fact.

drewdrakes3544d ago

Stole DOS? Wasn't there some sort of monetary compensation for it?

CyberCam3544d ago

Correction, Bill paid the guy that created DOS $50,000, then licensed it to IBM & all the other PC OEM's and made millions.

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thebudgetgamer3545d ago

are you saying Microsoft is not the most honest company get out


Simon_Brezhnev3545d ago

but the xbox fanboys glorify Microsoft like its the second coming of Christ

lord_of_balrogs3545d ago

As do the Sony fanboys with the PS3. It works both ways buddy.

snipermk03545d ago

What did you think? Micro$haft is best at stealing sh!t.. Their ex-CEO Billy Gates himself has confessed to the fact that he was a pirate before in his life.

Kurylo3d3544d ago (Edited 3544d ago )

hey i love my xbox360 and my pc a lot more then my ps3 lol.. doesnt change the fact that bill gates took everything for windows.... copied macs os originally with icons and all that other pretty stuff... hell they even took the mouse :)

What makes u think they wouldnt steal something from some dude that works for them. Thats buisness... you and I would all do the same thing if we could make millions off it ... right now... its called getting a huge profit then paying him 10 percent off it.