GamePro: Killzone 2 Review

GamePro writes: "Almost four years have passed since Sony first unveiled Killzone 2, their vastly darker answer to the Halo franchise. In gaming terms, four years is an eternity, but Guerilla Games' gritty shooter has finally with a kickass experience that more than rewards us for our patience. Killzone 2, with its face-meltingly intense campaign and robust multiplayer, exceeds the expectations set forth by the original game and the tremendously ambitious E3 2005 trailer. It's still early, but this one already reeks of shooter of the year."

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MassErect23598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

Everybody knew it. Sad that you guys have to publish the same review two times in order to artificially increase the n4g "metascore" of this B quality title.

Cyrus3653598d ago

This is the actual review, rather than someone posting a link to meta critic, showing it got 5/5 (That should have never been approved).

M-Easy3598d ago

The better the game is the more haters hate. I bet you loved Haze.

MegaMohsi3598d ago

Have you played the game? No. Do you have a PS3? No. This game is a B rated title? 95% of reviewers disagree with you, they are professionals, you are nobody. Good day.

Alexious3598d ago

Ahahah, shut up Xbot. There is no duplicate story of GamePro Magazine; only a review of GamePro Spain TV, which is a totally different thing.

iHEARTboobs3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

I see we have a bitter betty in the room. Awwwwwwwww

Edit: Everyone just bubble him down and ignore him. He gets off on trolling.

eagle213598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

go wait for ODST or DLC... :)


jammy_703598d ago

will this score go on metacritic?

its now 9.4, put it multipat and it'll be 97 lol

SKullDugger3598d ago

Just enjoy your xbox and the games you have and stop hating so much, its a choice you made and in which I will not fault you but please don't dog those who have gone another direction. KZ2 will be a great game and the true reviews that are out prove this to be true.

UnwanteDreamz3598d ago


God I hope I don't hear "Killzowned" everytime someone gets a kill in the MP. Lets stop the madness befor it starts!

Sarcasm3598d ago

"its now 9.4, put it multipat and it'll be 97 lol "

Make it an 360 exclusive and it'll be 105.


ps12&3lover3598d ago

aahhh i love the hate..and i love how u really must be interested in this game time in a kz2 article..keep the great scores coming....i know u mad cuz u have nothing to play this year lol

Lifendz3598d ago

let the bodies hit the floor....
let the bodies hit the....FLOORRRRRRRRRR

and by bodies I mean 360 fanboys. These reviews must be painful for them.

For gamers, this is great. The game cost 40 million to make and its a smash hit at least in critical reception.

I know its number one and two on major retailers, but I think MGS4 was as well. I hope this game doesn't just have a boom month and then fall off like MGS4 did. But, the only way to really fight that is if Sony advertises the game like nobody's business. Let's all hope that happens.

P.S....fanboys miss out. Some of you guys are so hateful of Sony that you missed LBP, or didn't allow yourself to enjoy it, you hated on Uncharted, still dream of MGS4 on 360, and now you're just spamming KZ2 review score stories? Let it go. I hope this isn't still happening by the time GT5 and GoW3 drop.

Sayai jin3598d ago

@Masserect- Come on man. This site is slowly decaying. There is no need for trolling.

@Lifendz- Yeah, I do not know why fanboys get so upset when another console's game get's good reviews. They did the same for Halo 3, Uncharted, RFOM, Gears, etc.It's not just 360 fanboys, but Ninty and Sony fanboys as well. Well, I do know why, but it's not like they are getting paid. Oh, wait maybe they are.

redsquad3598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

As the reviews (not the scores, the actual REVIEWS!) clearly indicate that KZ2 is far more than the "B quality title" you desperately hoped it would be and is in fact up there with the best of them, it's clear that you've told the same lie to yourself so often that you've come to believe it and your interest in reality is zero.

As such, it's beyond useless arguing with you. Bye!

Danja3598d ago

wow someone is angry im sure u must atleast know someone with a PS3....

but have fun with HALO 3 ; ODST...XD

JokesOnYou3598d ago

Gamepro says KZ2 does everything right, thats a huge compliment to GG.


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SKullDugger3598d ago

PS3 haters are gonna choke on this one it will ROCK!!

Sayai jin3598d ago

Hate on. It's looking like it is going to be Epic.

chidori6663598d ago

metacritics is down kz2 for 94 :/

MegaMohsi3598d ago

94 is damn amazing, don't you all remember what KZ1 got on metacritic(70)? This is probably the biggest improvement EVER made to a sequel. All PS3 owners should be proud.

eagle213598d ago (Edited 3598d ago )

The reviews (excluding the MS red ring posse) have all been A to A+. :p

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