Thoughts on the Death of EGM

Gaming Excellence writes:

"The gaming world lost an invaluable resource when it was announced that the January issue of Electronic Gaming Monthly would be the last for the venerable magazine.

When a magazine that proudly and rightfully proclaimed itself the "#1 Videogame Magazine" finds a way to die a quick death in this day and age, it speaks volumes to the future of print media, and the future isn't pretty."

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Daz3546d ago

omg lol you have some serious issues. you need to see someone i think.

Never read magazines by the way.

Bathyj3546d ago

My thoughts?

Good riddance to bad rubbish. Over the last 10 years EGM had gone from good to bad to sh*t and believe me, I used to love them a long, long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away.

I'm glad they were fired before they had a chance to give Killzone a 3/5.

beavis4play3546d ago

i think game informer is a much better mag. EGM was very good years ago.......before dan hsu became editor. it was downhill after that.

tplarkin73546d ago

GameInformer is written by professionals that respect their readers. You can see the difference in the reader mail choices/responses. EGM would cherry pick the dumbest letters and then boost their own ego by responding with insults.

beavis4play3546d ago

they seem to be able to report on games without bias. and THAT is something which is very rare in todays gaming journalism.

morganfell3546d ago

Goodbye and good riddance. Dan "SHoe" Hsu ran the mag into the ground and damned 1Up while he was at it with his idiotic fanboy editorial ideas. Then he bailed last year as they went down in flames. I hope that guy fails miserably at his next endeavor. He deserves the pain he inflicted on everyone else.

SaiyanFury3546d ago

This sucks. I don't know much about Dan Hsu but I have many issues of EGM from the 90s when before the PS era and EGM rocked. They had good reviews. I even have the issue where they reviewed Super Metroid. It's a sad day when a previously respectable magazine goes under.

The Matrix3546d ago

My thoughts? I had 5 months left and I just got cheated out of about $8.00. I guess there won't be any refunds? Or can I sue them? Does anyone know?

P.S. GameInformer is better anyways.

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gametheory3546d ago

Especially when you're fanboys disguised as pros.

d_dogg20073546d ago

WOw just about to post that, took the words right out of my mouth. WHAT GOES AROUND COMES AROUND. Kotaku, Gt, Gamesdaily, Gamespot, Gamesradar you guys are next.

KKanjiAnkh3546d ago

EGM will be missed, even if I didn't like the last 2yrs of their format, Memories. I can see myself going to Price Chopper, grabbing the issue with Sonic's debut, the mid 90's issues that where thick as a Korean phone book. I praised them for EGM2, cause it meant more drooling, and seeing the 1st pics of Mario Kart, on the SNES, & the first issue had a baseball card of Demitri Maximoff, from Darkstalkers, which I still have LOL. Oh man their old fighting guides, they had like GameFan, showcasing the new characters, & techniques.

April Fools joke, is on you guys, cause Gouken is REAL, LOL.

Memories K

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