Guide for the Aging Gamer

Face it champ…you got old.

Now just because you don't recognize any of the bands that perform on Dick Clark's New Year's Rockin' Eve (or are even able to stay up late enough to see the ball drop) and still buy music on CD doesn't mean you have to abandon your gaming hobby.

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cain1413547d ago

A lot of gamers are getting old. Their's a wide range of people who game now.

italianbreadman3547d ago

Fun, funny read. I like this guy.

Fatbasket3547d ago

Been there since the beginning and I'm along for the ride until they pry the controller from my cold, dead hands!

ihaten4glol3547d ago

I hear that, I've been gaming for 17 years now (I'm 20) and I don't plan on stopping until I'm six feet under.