HFC: Resident Evil 5 demo impressions have posted their huge in-depth thoughts on the Resident Evil 5 demo that's now available across all regions on both PS3 and X-Box 360.

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GraySnake3639d ago (Edited 3639d ago )

i wasnt impressed, the physics where great, the destruction was great, but the game didnt have the sense of survival, or tension like the previous ones did. The graphics are not all what they are hyped to be, very inpressive CM, but the lighting, and the shadows are.....meh, same thing with the textures, some were awsome, some were meh. Overall difficluty was actually pretty good, your partner's ai can be a sometimes, but thats why they made coop right? the controls where alright, but imo its just re4.5. The Falcon Punch Move is EPIC though, it will put a big smile on ur face.

Stu19813638d ago

Personally i thought there was a whole ton of tension in there, particularly the first scenario!