Publishers Potentially Facing Demise of $59.99 Pricing, says Analyst

In his latest industry note, Signal Hill analyst Todd Greenwald talked about video game publishers' prospects in 2009. With the economy continuing in the toilet, Greenwald said that the $59.99 price point for software could be in danger.

"To us, the biggest risk facing all publishers is the demise of $59.99 pricing for front-line 360 and PS3 software titles. With all of the price-reductions made during the holiday season, funded jointly by both retailers and publishers, there is obviously a concern that $59.99 goes away, which would be fairly devastating for margins, as development and publishing costs would stay virtually flat, while sales would take a 20% hit," Greenwald commented.

For the time being though, publishers don't seem to be having too much trouble maintaining the $59.99 price point on brand new releases.

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outlawlife3598d ago

59.99 is a bloated price point to begin with

very few of the games we are getting this gen warrant that price

4-5 hour games that need constant updating just to function properly are perhaps not worth it

i have bought substantially less games this gen just absed on the fact that they are now more of a wallet hit than before

40-50 seems reasonable to me 60 is pushing it

Cryos3598d ago

I agree that few games are worth that price point.

I actually think we might see a move to a "floating price" type of market for games.

Games with big potential, big hype, would probably be at the price.
ex. Killzons, Halos, GTAs

Other more modest games would be lower.

PrairieGhost3598d ago

$59.99 is over priced anyways. PC gamers get the same games for $49.99 so drop the price.