E3 comeback from it's glory days this year, 2009

The Entertainment Software Association is getting the word out: E3 2009 is going to be big. With Activision confirmed for booth space, press attendance no longer invitation-only, and nearly every large publisher or developer attending, it seems like E3 is back.

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PS360WII3543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

ah yes time to overhype a gaming event and then walk away disappointed!

I bet all 3 console makers are going to announced 300 AAA titles each and they'll be all set for release in a matter of DAYS after E3 ^^

FarEastOrient3543d ago

Well it looks like most of the announcements will be made at E3 since Leipzieg is canceled and transformed into a smaller and narrower show. Which I'm surprised because the show was getting bigger and bigger each year.

mirroredderorrim3543d ago

Not sure, but I am trying to go. I'm working out the credentials part, currently, as I got en email from the ESA, for registration. :)

PixlSheX3543d ago

EA will announce ME2 for ps3. I bet my ps3, my 360, my house and my mazda.

Lombax3543d ago

I may be going to E3 this year. OH man I hope I get to go. One of my good friends has an uncle who always attends E3 and has the ability to take 2 guests.

Robert if you are reading this, TAKE ME WITH YOU!!