IMG Reviews Diner Dash: Flo Through Time

InsideMacGames writes: "Have you ever wondered what might happen if your grandmother tried to make a time machine out of a microwave oven? Would it be a recipe for success or disaster? The latest episode in the Diner Dash series, Flo Through Time, attempts to answer that question.

I usually disparage the stories in games like this one, as they generally seem to specialise in crossing the humdrum with the preposterous to produce something fatuously banal that makes me wonder why the producers even bothered trying to think a story up. However, in this instance, I won't. Why? Because the story in Flo Through Time is sufficiently whimsical that it actually made me smile; so there! Flo's Grandma makes a time machine from an old microwave oven, it transports the two of them back to the Stone Age, and then it breaks down. It's all predictable stuff, of course: the solution to the problem is to open a restaurant in the era in question, raise enough money to buy a new part, then have another disaster with the time machine... and repeat. It's hardly a plot worthy of Tom Clancy, but at least it has a certain comical charm.

So what we have here, then, is yet another instalment in the Diner Dash series in which the gimmick is having each set of levels take place in a different period of history: the Stone Age, Ancient Egypt, Mediæval England and so on."

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