Will Gears style move and shoot controls save RE5? - Capcom has confirmed via video interview on OXM that they will indeed be shipping the game with Gears of War style move and shoot mechanics. So the question remains then is this enough to move the game back on to the "buy" list for so many of those who after playing the demo felt the game didn't live up to the hype?


Update to the article: The OXM interview is in fact incorrectly stated by the Capcom person in the video and the game will NOT ship with any shoot and move style mechanic. since then confirmned with Capcom PR, who indeed confirmned that no shoot and move mechanic will ship with the game.

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GrieverSoul3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I lol at the title!
Everything nowadays needs to be ´´saved``?! lol

Anyway, the only concern I have is that these controls are being added at a late date! The game was made considering the stay put aiming. Will this change break the intended gameplay?!

Well, CAMPCOM made this change to ease fans, its a good thing. And if they did it, I´m sure they know it will complement the gameplay and not disrupt it.

I myself, surrender to CAMPCOM and applaude their listening to fans. I criticyzed the stay put shooting and now I´ll eat my foot! I´m man enough to admite that!

Jinxstar3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

Really though... Your damned if you do and your damned if you don't. I remember somewhere someone put the question to either a mag or some podcast and were like "How come nobody redoes a Goldeneye? That game was WTFPWONEZORS GOOD!!!" and the reply was "Because fans of the original will cry when something gets changed" i.e. Diablo 3... Do they ant a sequel? Do they want an updated version? Thats all this is. I liked the old code Veronica style controls and thought 4 was ok however for realism "Move and shoot" is the way to go. if I were being chased by zombie hordes i would move while I shot at them... I hope nobody would just stand there... fans will cry no matter what. Damned if you do and damned if you don't.

Edit: if it came in late and isn't quite right they can patch it. At least they are listening to many fans and trying to bring in new ones... if I had a gri[e about the unrealistic nature of RE4 it would have been the no moveing and shooting over anything else(Weird huh?)...

Rise Of The Bad Guy3545d ago

I don't think people actually realize the problem with RE5s gameplay;It's not only the fact that you can't move while shooting,it's the way the camera and the environment are set up for the action.

It's still going to be a problem even with the new controls.

Timberland2K93545d ago

wtf is with the media now adays

Dlacy13g3545d ago

Given the amount of negative feedback on the demo I am not sure that title is all that far off. This game should be a blockbuster but with all the negative feedback I think this game is looking at some mediocre sales from N.A. and Europe.

The gaming GOD3545d ago (Edited 3545d ago )

I just tried the demo. I don't think it's bad overall. But it feels so hard to play (my opinion). First off, there is no such thing as "broken controls". Some control takes getting used to. And RE5's takes A LOT of getting used to. And (in my opinion) the camera doesn't seem set up right for the action at times. And the spaces seem so small (but that particular gripe may not reflect the whole game, so I can't really complain on that one)

The game is going to sell regardless because it's Resident Evil. I just know I'm not so 100% on buying it anymore. Maybe I'll rent it. But IF I buy it, it will be because of the Co-Op.

killzone2flop3545d ago

Since when did RE5 need saving because of a few droids are upset all of a sudden it needs saving. The truth is RE5 is getting better reviews so far than a certain game which i won't mention their for this PATHETIC lie was made up about bad controls.

Wizeguy213545d ago

I didn't realize that the resident evil Series needed to be SAVED!! I guess this person Never played Resident Evil 4.

Rockstar3545d ago

The Resident Evil 5 PS3 bundle has officially been labeled the "Save Me Bundle"

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