Interview with the StarCraft College Course Facilitator

It's been a week now since the news of the Starcraft College Course was spread across the globe by and picked up by gaming media and blogs everywhere. Many gamers have shown an interest in the course and it turned out that instead of 40 odd expected pupils, Mr Feng, the Course Facilitator, got attendance up over his elbows. The course became very popular: every single seat in the 120 seat lecture hall was taken, and there was another 30 odd people left standing.

StarcraftWire has looked further into this, as well as interviewed Mr Alan Feng about his course. The course is more than a pastime of playing StarCraft, it involves heavy maths and Physics!

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kuangtu3636d ago is the real interview

Leord3636d ago

Yes, well, sites often do that, write down the important aspects of an interview and then posting that, so the news is out, since it's important. As soon as the interview is formatted, they post that as well =)

sh8kes3636d ago

The StarCraft Course is a so called “DeCal” course, meaning that it's run by fellow students rather than Professors.

Wow, so, like.. what if the fellow students are starcraft noobs.. would that make the course easy? :P

Leord3636d ago

I'd assume a Professor in maths will be easy to beat in SC, lol. Basically, he still has to prove to a Professor of the faculty the validity of the topic, otherwise they can't teach it.

Leord3636d ago

I can't wait to have this at colleges in the UK. awesome to have on the regular curriculum! =D

Wuushu3636d ago

I'd sit outside the window just for the odd chance I'd overhear stuff. :P

Leord3636d ago

He mentioned something about a 480 ppl auditorium, perhaps he'll get upgraded? =D

sh8kes3636d ago

No need, The lessons will be made available over YouTube

Leord3636d ago

Yeah, interesting idea, btw =)

I'm looking forward to see how it all went... I assume there will be more news about this in the future...

theCHUNK3636d ago

I don't even understand how they thought it would have ~40 people sign up. A course about a popular video game? Who's going to sign up to Western Civilization when that's an option, unless the SC course started at 7am.

SCFreelancer3636d ago

Hehe, thats some strong logic there Chunk ;)

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