UK PS3 Software Sales Charts Week Ending January 31st

PS3 ONLY CHARTS for UK Sales for the week ending January 31st. Call of Duty: World at War stands firm at the top of the UK sales charts with Fifa coming second place.

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sugard03642d ago

And yet, GeOW2 is nowhere too be found. Hmmm well here in the UK people bought Gears but arent playing it now, they said the single player and horde was fun but the online sucks. It was considered a flop in quality in many peoples eyes. Another overhyped game from Microsoft.

Rockstar3642d ago

Yeah, and where is Mario Kart?
Nowhere on that list.

Calling BS on the Mario Kart sales stories.


skapunkmetalskater3642d ago

Hey guys, would appreciate it if you could approve this story please

cayal3642d ago

People REALLY need to learn how to read.