Bioshock creeping on to iPhone?

iPGN writes:

"A session at the Game Develeloper Conference (GDC) in San Francisco this March entitled 'bringing BIOSHOCK to Mobile' has raised a few eyebrows here at iPGN. While the session description on the GDC website doesn't indicate it's for the iPhone, it would make sense, considering Apple's device would best handle the graphical beauty associated with the hit console game. But how would such a game play? we're thinking an 3D/isometric viewpoint along the lines of Hero of Sparta.. or, if they get the controls right, a first person view point isn't out of the question. Be safe in the knowledge that our crack team of writers will be at GDC to bring you all the breaking stories this March.

Official Session Description

This session will cover how IGFUN worked with Take Two Software to bring BIOSHOCK, the Xbox 360 Game of the Year, to the mobile phone. How did the deal come together? What went into bringing a massive brand and excellent game play to a mobile device? We'll discuss potential pitfalls and how they were resolved with attention to quality as the #1 job. In a post-mobile games market, how can you effectively launch and market such a Title?"

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PS360WII3544d ago

well seems like bigger developers want in on the iPhone

Blaze9293544d ago

now if this is true ill have to see this one. Wonder how itll be on the iPhone

andyo133544d ago

i must admit, i never saw this coming, but iphone/ipod touch, is becoming almost as big as the psp and ds in terms of gaming

Half-Mafia3544d ago

and ill get to play it :D

smi1ey3543d ago

That video looks awesome. Biggest fear is how this will control.