Arc Rise Fantasia : new trailer

Marvelous Entertainment has updated the official website of Arc Rise Fantasia, an opportunity for us to discover a new batch of screenshots and finally watch the high quality trailer shown during the last Tokyo Game Show. Developed by the studio imageepoch also composed of some members who participated in the programming of the famous series' Tales of ', the title will benefit the Japanese this spring if all goes well.

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Chris3993543d ago (Edited 3543d ago )

I love the stylized anime design. Non-super-deformed.

And the effects look slick as well.

What did any of you Tales fans out there think of the Wii version? (I don't pay much attention to critics.)

Oh, and is this game coming to NA?

P.S. Wow, just watched that trailer again. The character/ enemy models are GORGEOUS. Remind me of SMT crossed with Kingdom Hearts. The combat has a little White Knight Chronicles thrown in too with the giant mech/ beasts/ summons. Game is definitely on my radar now.

TruthbeTold3543d ago

I agree, this game looks great, and fun as well.

As for Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World, it was rather average imo. The new main characters were sub par, and the time we were able to spend with the old characters that we loved was fleeting. Not to mention that the structure of the game was linear beyond reason. Not much flexibility, and almost no exploratory aspect at all. Unlike the first, which had a decent degree of that.

Of course, it's the best Wii specific RPG out so far, but that isn't saying much. My recommendation is that Wii owners pick it up, (it's only 40 bucks, which makes it a great value relatively speaking) but if you haven't played the first, treat yourself to that one. You can get it for about 20 bucks now.

PS360WII3543d ago

Hey what about Fire Emblem? :)

Tony P3543d ago

Yeah, looks way pleasing visually.

PS360WII3543d ago

wow long trailer :) Lots of characters and with that should come a rather long story! I like the art direction as well. This game is shaping up nicely.

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Ivix3542d ago

This game better come stateside.