Greatest Video Game Commercials of All Time

These classic video game ads put this year's crop of Super Bowl commercials to shame.

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DarkSniper3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Dark Sniper believes that GameDaily left five critically valued commercials that affected the way gaming is advertised to this day. When you think of the greatest gaming commercials, these come to mind.






Commercials 2-5 really show in comparison how much of a joke Microsoft is when it comes to competing with competition. When Sega was in the console industry with the same Modus Operandi as Microsoft, instead of spreading false internet lies and inflated numbers Sega went directly at their competition. Sony, Sega and Nintendo battled it out with direct in your face advertising that would drive fanatics of today's modern day console war rabid.

When it comes to console wars in the 90's, companies and their fanboys battled it out like men. Instead of hiding behind a keyboard and creating multiple accounts like most of the Microslaves do here on N4G to oppose against Dark Sniper, He had physical playground brawls with Sega Drones during the 16 bit era and Nintendouches in the 32/64 bit era. There was no internet at the time to voice your opinion, therefore Dark Sniper left many foes bloody and brutal in real physical time at school and served several suspensions due to his loyal defense of Sony and Nintendo.


unicorndeathcamp3638d ago

i absolutley hate you and think you need counceling, but awsome post

Max Power3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

i pulled the crash commercials up for the gamer zone, my two favs are the swimming and then nintendo ones.

unicorndeathcamp3638d ago

mabye not counceling but a good hug haha

ZombieNinjaPanda3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Every Ratchet and Clank Commercial made are some of the best.


Pikman Commercial was hilarious!

And I remember the Super Smash Bros Commercial! Brings back good times.

Donkey Kong 64 ^^

Kirby 64 (:

IzKyD13313638d ago

Why the hell isn't this on the list?!

It's freakin amazing

pumpkinpunker3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

Uhh, maybe you misread. they're listing off GOOD commercials. That PS commercial is mad corny.

Fat guy on couch stuffing cheez-doodles in his mouth:

"I've conquered legions."

"STFU. No, you haven't. You live in your parent's basement and you haven't been laid since 1989. PSone, anyone?"

Lombax3638d ago

But maybe thats because I live in my parent's basement and haven't been laid since 2004.

yog-sothot3638d ago

the "double life" commercial fot the PSone is absolutely awesome ! Actually, that's one of the best commercial ever (not only in videogames) and it was recognized so by the professionals.

I think it's the summit of the very well made marketing campaign that helped Sony to rule the 32 bits era.

shovelbum3638d ago

The Mad World trailer was an absolutely perfect advertising campaign for Gears. That song is so haunting against the backdrop of a rain-soaked Marcus running among the shadows of destroyed buildings.

TheRealSpy3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

I thought the gears of war 2 commercial was pretty good too.

i think that atari commercial was lame.

also, i owned an intellivision and that commercial is a pretty accurate representation of how fun it was to play.

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twoheadedturtle3638d ago

Ladies And Gentlemen Good Evening

xlx-russ_923638d ago

dude that commercial kicked a$$. Sony needs to make more commercials like that one.

Rise Of The Bad Guy3638d ago

Agreed ^,the Ratchet&Clank commercials are by far the best ones out there.

pumpkinpunker3638d ago

Best video game commercial ever.

ZombieNinjaPanda3638d ago (Edited 3638d ago )

The song was what made it great. Dontcha think?

Edit @ pumpkin Below

Totally agree, Mad world is my favorite of the two also.

pumpkinpunker3638d ago

Epic kind of dropped the ball with the Gears 2 commercial but it's still a pretty decent commercial. It just doesn't look so hot compared to Mad World.

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