Virtua Fighter 5 (PS3) Review

Sega's long-running brawler is finally here. Find out if the fifth installment will finally break the series into the mainstream currently dominated by the likes of Tekken and DOA.

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timmyp534340d ago

this is my next purchase for my PS3.

timmyp534340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

double post.

spacetoilet4340d ago

This is a must buy. Best graphics I have seen so far, even on poo old 480i crt. (which I have :( )The bump mapping and lighting is amazing. The clothes look like cloth and I cannot stress this enough, it has ZER0 SLOWDOWN or GLITCHES. ZERO.

Torch4340d ago (Edited 4339d ago )

is an understatement.

The number of moves available for each character is absolutely insane! My experience so far tells me that it's best to choose a character and learn them thoroughly before jumping to other least if you're looking for the most depth and execution of satisfyingly bone-crunching moves...or if that fails, there's always time-tested button-mashing.

For this, the Dojo (i.e., training) mode is an absolute Godsend. I actually spend a lot more time practicing (with Mexican wrestler El Blaze) than I do actually participating in matches.

And yes, I whole-heartedly agree that the visuals and fluid motions of this gem are absolutely stunning!!!...most likely the best I've seen in a fighter.

Toolman4340d ago (Edited 4340d ago )

I would so buy this at launch, if it had online play. You can only beat your friends so many times, before they tell you to "stick that game where the sun dont shine".

spacetoilet4340d ago

Well I hate to have to agree with SEGA but they are right. Online would never work. Timings are split second on alot of moves so that would suck ass. I guess for button mashing foos it would be ok, but It's not that kind of game.

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