9 Insider Secrets From A Retail Video Game Salesman

A salesman working at a popular video game store shares nine insider tips for customers:

1. Extended warranties are usually unnecessary. Nintendo and Sony have one-year warranties on their systems. Microsoft recently extended their 360 warranties from 90 days to a year. Most broken systems stop working before the year's end. Nintendo has the fewest issues and best customer support, in my personal experience.

Eight more, at the

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InMyOpinion4278d ago

Nice article, some very useful tips.

InMyOpinion4278d ago

Not everyone is aware that stores cheat customers into buying extra warranties.

Chagy4278d ago (Edited 4278d ago )

of course they get money from us selling our games to them
but at the gamestop i go to they are very nice and they knew me preatty well since i been going there alot for like 5 years now and they still got the same employess they never ask me to reserve a game to get a membership or none of that but i did get the membership on my own wil ;-)
and i know they rip you off on games you sell to them for example you buy a gaame for 60$ and sell it for 20-38$ what would you rather have a game that is just sitting around or the 20-38$ you get in trade ill take the trade in value, Gamestop aint that but but hey it must just be me because i been shoping in the same gamestop for 5 years and runnig :-D My 2 Cents

ScorpioKyle4278d ago

get an ebay and paypal account, make a lot more for games than trades. A few times i've made money on the game I sold.

Sphinx4278d ago

But yeah, like Merovee said, who didn't know most/all of this already? I'm not a big fan of GameStop, but they are the only ones that seem to have the game I want when I want it. Circuit City, my favorite elctronics store here (customer service is awesome), didn't have but a few copies of Crackdown (for example, this happens all the time), and I missed getting one. I ended up going to GameStop and got it on launch day.

power of Green 4278d ago

Speaking of Salesman nice trick to get people in here.

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The story is too old to be commented.