Spong Review: Killzone 2

It's quite possibly fair to say that Killzone 2 carries more weight on its shoulders than any game before it. Gamers, critics and even the public are not really appraising this title simply on its merits as a first-person shooter, but as the saviour of the PlayStation 3. Perhaps LittleBigPlanet carried a similar degree of expectation as the key to turning around the fortunes of Sony's beleaguered third-generation console, but then, LBP didn't also shoulder the burden of years of hyperbolic visuals.

For a game that seemed doomed by its own ostentatious parading, Killzone 2 drops the bomb on other shooters with its eye-bleedingly good visuals. The gameplay packs punches you can almost feel and comes side-armed with a rounded multi-player aspect, cocked and with the safety off. It misses out on a higher score due to its vapid characters spouting forgettable dialogue and the seemingly daft omission of cooperative and split-screen play.

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Xandet3545d ago

Hard to believe this is a successor to the (in my eyes) HIGHLY disappointing, almost unplayable Killzone on PS2. I'm happy to see a developer actually learning from their mistakes and taking advice from their fans to make one of the most solid FPS gaming experiences produced in a while. The 27th can't come soon enough!

WildArmed3545d ago

GG have outdone them selves.
Ofcourse there was a progression in thier skillz
Killzone (meh..)
Killzone Liberation (awesome)
Killzone II (perfection!)

Im surprised Eurogamer hasnt given Killzone 2 a 4/10 yet.. I remember that site being a hard grader.. this game must be good for universal acclaim

Alexious3545d ago

The best and more polished hardcore shooter in a long time! Thank god, Guerrilla.

MegaMohsi3545d ago

Edge magazine hasn't released their review yet, they're the notorious ones for low review scores (Resistance 2 6/10, MGS4 8/10, Gears 8/10). If they give it AAA you know that this game is incredible

Helghast Slayer3545d ago

You have been killzowned NEXT!