MacLife Review: ToCA Race Driver 3

If most of your time behind the wheel is spent commuting, hauling groceries, or shuttling a bunch of freeloading kids around,Toco Race Driver 3 for Macs can help you recapture the thrill of the open road.

It seems like every kind of racing is here-off-roading, oval racing, rally racing, open-wheel, and lots more-and the game features both modern machines and classics, like 1970s muscle cars. But you don't need to be a gearhead to have fun. We found ToCA pretty easy to pick up and play (opting for an automatic transmission over manual helps a ton), and the difficulty ramps up gradually as you unlock more races. The cars handle realistically, and you can incur damage from bumping your opponents or going off the track, although in this game you're actually trying to keep the car in one piece.

Toco Race Driver 3 can be played online. ToCA uses GameRanger and supports playing against Mac users only, although you can race against 12 players.

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