9.4 Killzone 2 Review writes: "Finally arrived. The bone of contention that has accompanied for many years (almost four and indicted by the famous movie shown at E3 2005) discussion of video game enthusiasts, owners and potential purchasers of PlayStation 3 may finally be lifted from our review, but especially by all those who will play starting next February 25.
With a business card not just sublime, as predecessor to the PlayStation 2, Killzone 2, we can already skewed, is impressive from a technical standpoint, but also a good game."

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SickNick853546d ago is the most "360 oriented" italian site... it's like a 10 from eurogamer

M-Easy3546d ago

It really deserved a 10.4 then huh? I like it.

Helghast Slayer3545d ago

You have been killzowned NEXT!