TheBBPS: Halo Wars Preview

TheBBPS writes: "The game takes place 20 years before the events of the Halo trilogy and in my short time with the game can assuredly say that fans of the Halo mythos are gonna want to play this game, if only for the fleshing out of the story. I'm not even a huge fan of the Halo storyline and I was kinda hooked in.

I wasn't super psyched for Halo Wars, so I had no expectations going in… but after playing through a few levels I can honestly say it's now on my radar".

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bohemian 233637d ago

I'm a huge Halo fan but I just can't get excited for this game. I don't really like "strategy" games so I'm sure that's a big part of it. Didn't the studio that made this close down as well? Would that mean there wouldn't be any DLC ever?

hippo243637d ago (Edited 3637d ago )

No, they are just forming a new group that will be under Microsoft, this new group will handle future titles and I imagine DLC.