The girls of Yakuza 3 in shots

When you're not punching snot out of Japanese yobs in Yakuza 3, you'll be chilling with the lovely ladies in nightclubs around Sega's virtual Tokyo.

As these screens show, there's plenty to get up to with your bar girl of choice. After you've edited their looks to your liking (why can't we do this in real life?), you can have a tipple, sing karaoke, play pool or take pictures of their tits (a 'Hot viewpoint mode' according to Kotaku translations of Gpara).

Game's out in Japan on February 26. No word on a western release yet.

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jack_burt0n3571d ago

Quick english translation FTMFW

Skyreno3571d ago

please please send this game outside translate to english love LOVE to play this game so badly .....also girls looks sext better than grand therft auto Way better lol ^^